J.P. Shay
J.P. Shay
Vital statistics
Title J.P. Shay
Gender Female
Affiliation Nicholas Andre
Joe Mentalino
Age 30s
Status Unknown
Occupation Criminal
Relatives Unknown
First Appearance Dumb and Dumber
Portrayed by Karen Duffy

J.P. Shay was Joe Mentalino's rude, trigger-happy female accomplice and the tertiary antagonist of the film. She was played by actress Karen Duffy in the film.

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In 1994, she and Joe followed Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne across the country and were tasked with disposing of them. Shay was left alone when Joe masqueraded as a hitchiker travelling with Harry and Lloyd. She was caught by the FBI in Aspen.

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  • Karen Duffy who plays as J.P. in Dumb and Dumber played as another character whose name was also Shay in the Disney movie Blank Check.

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