Beth Jordan was an FBI agent.


In 1994, she was tasked with following Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne to Aspen. She posed off as a civilian moving to Aspen, and along the way, she met up with Harry while getting gas at a gas station. She first seems to take Harry's offer in meeting up sometime soon, but while Harry is desperately trying to put out the fire on his leg and get her number, he becomes frustrated in not getting the number right away, and she takes off.

A few days later, she gets in touch with Harry at the hotel and tells him what's about to happen. Soon, after Harry gets up unharmed and alive from being shot, she and the other federal agents show up to arrest Nicholas Andre, who was the mastermind in the kidnapping of Bobby Swanson and holding him for ransom. As it turns out, they were following Lloyd and Harry all the way from Providence. With Andre, and his accomplice Shay, arrested, and Bobby rescued by the FBI, Harry and Lloyd's goods they bought with the ransom money were confiscated to allow the Swanons to reimburse the debt. Thereafter, she and others give no credit to Lloyd and Harry, who journey on back home to Providence on their moped, which breaks down in the process.

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