Bernard Pinchelow
Bernard Pinchelow Image
Vital statistics
Title Bernard Pinchelow
Gender Male
Affiliation Pinchelow family
Age 50s
Status Alive
Occupation Scientist
Relatives Penny Pinchelow (adopted daughter)
Penny's adoptive mother (first wife) †
Adele Pinchelow (ex-wife)
First Appearance Dumb and Dumber To
Portrayed by Steve Tom
Bernard Pinchelow is a brilliant famous scientist who adopted Fanny Felcher (Fraida Felcher's daughter) and renamed her Penny.

History Edit

He was alleged to be sick for some years and his first wife died, then he married a gold digging sneaky woman, Adele, later knowing of her despicable personality and schemes to steal an invention worth billions for the humanity, in order to Penny hand to the KEN Conference's Barbara Walcott, the director. Penny would give a speech about her father's longlife work also,forgetting the package with the invention and her phone. He is claimed to be an extremely intellectual genius of science. He later appears in the KEN Conference, revealing he knew about Adele's plans and she was arrested with Lippincott. Bernard also wears hearing aid and had sex with Fraida in a broom locker while also beginning a relationship with her.

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