Adele Pinchelow
Adele Pinchelow
Vital statistics
Title Adele Pinchelow
Gender Female
Affiliation Travis Lippincott
Captain Lippincott
Age 40s
Status Alive
Occupation Gold Digger
Relatives Dr. Bernard Pinchelow (ex-husband)
Penny Pinchelow (adopted stepdaughter)
First Appearance Dumb and Dumber To
Portrayed by Laurie Holden
Adele Pinchelow is the main antagonist of Dumb and Dumber To and the mastermind of the plot to murder her husband & stepdaughter & gain her husband’s fortune. She was portrayed by Laurie Holden.


Adele is a sneaky, unfeeling, heartless, greedy gold digging woman. She had no love what so ever for either her husband Dr. Pinchelow or his adopted Penny & would do any despicable deed in order to secure & seize his fortune. She also tried to poison his food to kill him.


Adele is always dressed fancy & using her feminine wiles to keep Bernard Pinchelow attracted to her. She also had an affair with the housekeeper Travis, which his brother was a military of the Army Forces. She ordered Travis to follow Harry & Lloyd to the KEN Conference to get the valious invention of Dr. Pinchelow & gain his fortune of 1 billion. When Travis died, his brother Captain Lippincott appeared & helped her in the crime. They invaded the KEN Convention & she found Harry impersonating her husband & revealed him as an impostor trying to steal the invention. Then she & Lippincott got Harry, Lloyd, Fraida & Penny as hostages in the bathroom to get the invention, which was discovered by Lippincott to be cupcakes. Penny’s friends invaded with guns, just as Bernard, reveals that he knew about Adele’s sneaky plans & that the invention was a gift for Dr. Walcott. Then she and Lippincott were arrested to jail. Adele also framed Penny’s letters to Fraida answering to stop her from sending more letters. She was slapped in the face three times by Fraida Felcher.

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